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iStore offers shoppers in Dar es Salaam (Tanzania) the opportunity to learn and experience Apple’s innovative products and solutions in a modern and welcoming environment. The iStore offers the complete range of Apple products, including iMac, MacBook and Macbook Pro, Apple Displays and software together with the full range of iPod digital music players and iPod accessories. At iStore, knowledgeable experts are available to help visitors learn about all the latest products from Apple. The hands-on experience provides visitors with an opportunity to test-drive Apple’s entire product line from the latest MacBook and MacBook Pro, through to Apple’s full line of desktop computers including the Mac Pro, iMac and Mac mini, and the newest additions to the iPod family. iStore offers regular in-store demonstrations and training to help customers get the most out of their purchases.




One 2 One is an exclusive new services from iStore, the only Apple Premium Reseller in Tanzania. It is aimed at all MAC users whether you have just moved from Windows to a MAC or you have been using MAC for a long time and are an old hand at it. One 2 One allows you to book a one hour session with a MAC genius at iStore who will answer any software or hardware questions that you may have in using your MAC. The MAC genius will help you configure your new camera, move your outlook file from a windows machine or even just start you off with the first few basic steps on how to use a MAC. The idea is simple. Using a MAC is fun but many people find it difficult to choose a MAC because they don’t know if anyone can support them. At iStore there are a team of people who are dedicated to make using the MAC is fun and easy and you can ask them for any help you need without feeling concerned. A one-hour session costs just $40 and can be booked on any day including Sundays. It is recommended to pre-book the session and let the MAC Genuis know what you would like covered so that he is ready and prepared.

Why buy at the APR?

iStore your local, independent iPod and Mac experts:

Apple Premium Resellers live and breathe the Mac. They can help you choose which Mac or iPod is right for you; give you impartial advice on every aspect of your purchase; and provide Apple-certified training on many aspects of the Mac platform. Their local stores are the best places to test drive a Mac or iPod, get demonstrations of the latest Apple products, or attend regular seminars and events based around the latest technology. They’re also the place to get expert advice if you’re a business or professional user wanting to do more with your Mac.

Jobs at iStore

Due to the rapid expansion of our business we are currently looking for people to join our team:-

Apple Store Manager Much more than just a place for amazing products, the iStore, Apple Premium Reseller, serves a dazzling range of needs for its customers. Not only can users get hands-on experience with everything Apple, they can also benefit from personal training, group learning, and friendly technical support. And each Apple retail location plays a vibrant role in its community as a gathering place. At iStore, our number one resource are our people. As a Manager, you’re in charge of enriching the lives of those people—employees and customers alike.

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